Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I stumbled upon a flicker yesterday.

I was sitting in my car under a tree at a small park in Provo relaxing for a bit and having something to eat since it was a beautiful day. It was raining and I was listening to Fresh Air and I noticed out of the corner of my eye the rain on my sun roof pattering away as the pace picked up and I looked up straight up at it as it came down at me. There it was, a genuine flicker.  Each droplet exploding one after another warping the world, looking through the drops at the world then at the world around the drops then at the drops before the world but all at once. The tree distorted a million little ways so that it wasn't a tree anymore it was a pattern behind the pattern of the water landing on the glass right above my face looking straight up at the event. Unfocusing my eyes I felt the reminiscence of dizziness and exploding with excitement I stared for several minutes. Of all the cameras I had in my bag, the one with the video was sitting at home out of juice. Bummed. I was bummed and then turned my focus to loading my other camera and shooting some kids playing baseball in the rain before I drove off regretting that I couldn't share the experience directly with someone who knew about flicker.

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