Friday, May 1, 2009


So I use the social networking site Twitter. I was reading through all of the updates I had posted since I began and was thinking it would be cool to put some of them together all on one page with no gaps. So I did. I am going to work on it some more and post it later but what I'm going to post now is what I decided to do next: cut it up.

So I pasted it into word and cut (Control + X) and pasted (Control + V) randomly into and within the different pages of text. I made the text small enough that I was not able to even read the words I was cutting and pasting, it just cut and pasted. Anyway its a different way to do a cut up I think, and I want to try it again later with some other texts online. Here it is:

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Minutaie Confetti

 to someone on the phone with a southern accent. Dr. James Hansen, chief climatologist for NASA is coming to speak l passed the house!Watching C-SPAN about the Hate Crimes bill. The arguments against it are incredibly weak and backwards. Prejudice still Tim Dechristopher's arraignment. HAPPY EPA Determines Global Warming Majo. Had a nice chat with a lovely e you are. Hate speech is a constitutional right. Hate crime legislation is a violation of freedom smells like earth. Who doesn't love that? is a lag in page loading when I open too many tabs. But I like it. Drinking some regular Dr. Pepper to ease my tummy and watching Countdow to do any homework. Literally. I've done nothing. What a waste. Grades? Hm. Here's the article on Tim dechristopher's arraignment/rally this morning:  Trial scheduled for July 6th. Dr. James Hansen (Chief climatologist for NASA) speaking inisters "Our planet is too big n. My final went much better than I thought it would, now I have only a few 5 pagers left to do before tomorrow have come to the showcase, I bet it was lovely. I wish Co determined the December BLM auction of? Really!Werner Herzog!Teary eyes during the Ledger family's acceptance speech.I wonder if Joaq. "What is, not my problem?" Adding David Lyons to the list of studliest studs that ever lived. I was going to take a nap or do some reading before Grey's...where Reading about "Indigenous Peoples in Isolation as a New TV Phenomenon. Answer: Nature and music. Question: Where are these questions coming from? ry would start the Cabaret nights again  to Import Fabrizio today Uupdate on the swine flu-CAFOr Threat to Human Health, Environment LOVE! I got so wrapped up working on my B Utah Lands as illegal. Just got home from the Seculari at 6pm. EVERYONE COME!It's SaveTheFrogs day! Check t Sunday. No spam followers, I am not on a diet and I am not a Detroit Tigers fan. I the home stretch is going to be exhausting.Finished my test. I would be more worried but my professor goes easy because he is awesome. Holy smoker I am about to shoot read Tolkien again. In Historic Step,. Honestly. Get with the program people. jasoninthehouse No question the transition will cost in the short term but it is just monumentally awkward. It it in December, but it is absolutely unacceptable any other time of year. Naked Lunch. Off to bed. I am Queen of the socially awkward. I've found my new favorite place: Listening to birds know I can't they spen Yum. I have a full weekend ahead of me, but all I want to do is rest. Particularly, sleep. As a matter of fact, I'm going to take a nap right now. Some local Friday monkeys shout to me from their cages, 'I'm in here when you're walking around like that?'" -Robin Williams said that.Severely disappointed in how few clips of Reading Rainbow can be found on the as interesting as? Watching '1968' on the History Channel.Ea slouching beehive". Revisiting Mary Ann Meets the Gravediggers and Other Short Stories. And how have I Support it! It was a privilege to hear Dr. James Hansen speak. Starting to feel momentum. Had to tear myself away from James Hansen's talk to talk to my professor not listened to 11:11 before? regina spektor = brilliance. Monkey-wrencher talks of Auction. Listening to an office's awful hold music: It sounds like a toy electronic piano playing "Let It Be"...b drink diet soda and like the band named Miniature Tigers. Thanks. Sunflower seeds, Frooties, Goldfish, diet Thousands of Tons of Radioactive Waste & dump it in Utah. Tim support rally in SLC if you can (sadly, I can't). Lovely dinner at Gurus cafe with Em. I'm going to get to sleep early tonight...ut it's difficult to say. Cheap.  Six reasons that connecting children with nature should be a *major* educational priority  Opinion: Let's Go See The New Nicolas Cage Movie! Perhaps all offices could use a Dwight How could I forget t. (Bullshit.)  Chocolate ice cream, study for tomorrow's test, write an outline for this week's insanity. I want a killer massage for my birthday. I always regret not b ecology, stupid!  Greenpeace banner drop at Obama's Major Economies Meeting. greenpeaceusa  banner told the m Frogs day, may we recommend "Frogs: T and other critters and soundscapes at The always freaks me out when I inadvertantly drop a g I am GOING to write this paper and it is going to be GOOD I'm really...he Thin Green Line"? Full episode online. Something strange P sm conference link: Symptom: swine flu. Diagnosis: industrial agriculture? The "NAFTA Flu": Critics Say Swine Flu Has Roots in Forcing Poor Cou night and I'm done! Well, ish. It literally sounds like my stomach is saying "Ow!" me. Oh no you don't eyes, you can't glaze over until I get to work at 8am. Just a little while can rest on ntries to Accept Western Agribusiness.  Jasoninthehouse Support it!. For Save the at UVU ansio internet.Listening to Charlie Parker and warming up some spaghetti.The traffic lights are swaying. Those numbers are, blah. What kind of sandwich are you n bill, exhausted.I should have more earth hours. For the sake of brain peace. Earth Hour UTAHFluorescent minerals are the partiers of the rock worldab my PC in the face. I think it needs a time out. The shit has finally hit the fan. This is from grist: Swine-flu outbreak could be linked to Smithfield factory farms  Washington Post Op-Ed "Faith leaders: Hate crimes are message crimes" It's the Of cours word 'Orc' & had to look it up. Now I kind of want to ut this semester. I cou POURING! Why would you put out handbills if it has been raining all day? Because you're lame, thats why. At Rice King in the company of a gigantic bowl of Egg Drop soup. Oops. Small next time.This is such bullshit. I can't believe I"m still working here.Watched "Crossing Arizona" tonight. Border security ldn't get myself to fail, stop global warming"  Jasoninthehouse eing as good of a student as I could be. This semester would have been an awesome one to change that. Fall 0. Feeling who don't like the idea that ow I love Rachel Maddow.  I am really REALLY excited about the "Earth" movie coming out on Earth Day:  That trailer gives about the future of our wilderness as I see the at UVU next Tuesday. He'll also be at teachers parking lot. Am I surprised? The idea that technology without conservation will solve this crisis needs to be addressed. I am disappointed that you are joking about livestock emissions. Please ask your guests to shed some light. Whadda ya know? A Hallmark movie that I actually liked: "The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler". Look her up. Okay. Today. Now. Now. If I don't do it now I will fail. Now. GO! It's been so long since I've read LOTR I couldn't remember the woman from the Utah Humanities council afterward. I need a break, but...seriously what? It's April! The trees already blossomed! No good. Oh h put my finger on it. Must be many things.I just saw a confederate flag sticker on an old beater in the exits, we need th me the chills. Sigur Rós! test. Found out I had 3 more days AFTER she had already handed it to me. Stupid. I should have gone to class.Back from vegan dinner night with UVUAAC friends. Delicious lasagna, garlic bread and espresso cupcakes! disguised as a muffin. At the stupid hypnotist show. Have you ever wanted to tell someone off for doing or saying something you imagined them doing but that they never did? Ok I admit it: I eat salad for the toppings. drop soup didn't last me until bed time. I need a snack.11:15 PM Apr 14th from webIt's time to reassess our priorities and what we value most in our lives. I'm a support tech and it seems we don't go a week without some server issue. We get flooded with calls, but no explanations. :{ Holy Smokes! It's vigilantes that call themselves "minutemen"? Are you effing kidding me? I had no idea. It's sofrom the computer for a while. This kind of eat blog I forgot to eat a dinner that was!) A half a foot of snow? Really? I mean, REALLY? It's beautiful beautiful outside. The days are getting longer! Summer i including parcels near Zion I really REALLY already prepared for me. Oops. It sounds like it's raining outside...but it's only melting. I think I just fell in lovGurus cafe listening to Dylan and eating delicious food. Beautiful day.Skipping class. It seems like a good night to skip cl Google Faces Antitrust Investigation for Agreement to Digitize Millions of Books OnlineI wish sleep were truly optional. Fo. I really don't want to do this anymore. Besides, I don't even know that I can in the amount of time I've given myself. I'm so going to fail. YAY! The Hate Crimes bil negative responses to Salazar's decision 9 I ting a piece of cake d half of their life unconscious. I once washed my phone in the washer then dropped it in the ocean and it still worked. while I'm talking ass and have dinner instead. I'll e with film. (Nikon experiment: Successhate this, but I feel like my computer up Threatened by Financial Crisis: Migrating trees? They're heading north. Does the environment have to wait for economic boom? Will we put off conservation until there's nothing left to conserve? I smell it, do you smell it? Too many cool things to do. Too few cool people to d and potential arrest! You are my classroom facilitation today. Finally headed home. I'm s so doing but failing because I'm not doiDeChristopher and about everything. Describe THAT. TONIGHT d in Provo. Lots of light, comfy seating, and fresh iced substance one encounters on a normal day. Like today. Senate again OKs wilderness expOperation all ight in my line of sight. Sometimes I am compelled to fix them. I'm OCD about weird things like wanting my # following, followers and updates to be all even or odd hunger strikes, calls out Matheson: amazing boston globe #g20 #protest pictures from london. wow.  My dad has discovered YouTube...and rediscovered Zappa. I'm taking the credit on this one. Utah Student Who Prevented Bush just staring at me all of the time. Uneven. . Wasting time trying to describe what I'm of predicts the future of U.S. marriage equality. When will it happen for your state? They took him away in an ambulance instead. Waiting for search & rescue to leave. Someone got hurt base jumping at rock canyon. I am there now. I'm at make up for it & read some Simone de Beauvoir.  That will probably be love: . I. might. die. Can't I just...sleep? Poor decisions. Stupid procrastination. Terrible. Horrible. No good.  Off kilter. Rhat ad is so ridiculous it see Some Catching up on @PowerShift09 tweets. What is wrong with some of these Republicans? Good grief EARTH DAY! Give the earth some love todayVery bad. Laaaame.Okay Some phones are cool like that. CDC: Swine flu made in USA  I've found it' faster as an application than firefox, but there times awkward. Or maybe I am I glad I saw Andrew Bird for free last summer & cheap this year! Save The Frogs Day is on my birthday! I am totally having a Frog-day party.  Note to self: Take.No, girl with the handbills (one of which is now soggily plastered to my car window), I do NOT want to know old friends! Just took sy on the number of intense classes in the Fall. Or, learn some discipline and give up social networking. The first time I saw that commercial I was completely speechless. Seriously, wow. I call that hairdo "the guess. I have a feeling my birthday is going to be overridden by final papers. This week is not going to be much fun. The rain! It he cheapest and most essential element of my salad? Croutons! Humbug! Crappy weather, crappy steamer and muffin from the crappy library cafe, crappy morning. Improv Everywhere gets me every year! Dear Winter, It's April. You are not welcome here. Get out of my life. Dustin Hof op is in such bad shape I've resorted to doing all of my internet time at the library. Piece of trash computer. I need a mac. Population and Policy: me from being alive. Damn it. Sitting outside enjoying the blustery day.. Had a damn good week. I'm feeling pretty excited about life. Hope it lasts.  Thanks for coming to speak to us today. I definitely feel the grass roots gaining momentum and your example is invaluable. "Hamburgers are the Hummers of food" At work on a federal holiday. Watching Into the Wild. Emile Hirsch! Tnighter: FAIL. $#!% Oh. my. goshms nobody would take it seriously. Too bad that's probably not the case. Six Word Memoirs On Love & Heartbreak: Just that? Did anybody see Joaquin Phoenix on Dave last night? Performance art or not, that was one crazy interview. I hope it's an act. He's brilliant. Presidential about civil disobedience on radiowest with Doug Sunkist, Pretzels, Miniature Tigers, Simone de Bouvoir, Sartre, etc. I'm in it for the long haul. I hope so too. :) I wish I could hem out, it's important stuff. Tim DeChristopher's arraignment is this morning. Go to the ng anything, I'm thinking ean gasoline is the most nauseating smellingEcosystem. Just got an email from Jim Matheson. Said he supports the development of Utah's energy resources, including the 77 leases Salazar withdrew.Was introduced to an effing genius today. Beat photographer WILLIAM KLEIN. Locked myself out of my car. Damn. At least it's nice o them with. and get it this week. Protest Puts Spotlight on Congress' Power Plant. Wishing I was in DC. Good ANYTHING done I really need to get my car fix NECESSARY. I am willing to pay a just flipped a U~ey. What a weird thing to spell out. My lapt in the Room jasonint Admin Sell-Off of Public Land Charged for Disrupting #'s at the same time. Or multiples close I can a me!"I've gone to the zoo and had an expensive one. Boy am ABSOLUTELY and the Maytals are coming to the Twilight Concert Series!!!! Sometimes introverted people trying to become friends is Jeapordy on Jay Leno. A: The Economy. Bush: "What is, Not My Problem?" A: Global Warming. Bush 200th b-day to our old friend Abe. Happy 100th birthday to the NAACP & 200th birthday to Darwin. Almost 8 million views in just over a week? "Is this real life?" Everglades Cl Pat Shea will be talking monumentally hehouselu pessimistic finished watching "The Haunting" on TV for Friday the 13th. What a strange, hokey movie. Why did I watch is. Energy Solutions r times like these & for people ck to those who are braving the cold outside As if he weren't hot enough already. Good grief. Taupe. What does that even mean? I try to tolerate W tax like that. Trent Harris' Delightful Water Universe opens tonight at The Tower. Check out his KUER interview: Laughing to myself at a girl in cutoffs and high heels. Toots ed & registered. I got a citation downtown yesterday and now I'm paranoid. I've seen like 10 cops since then! It looks like that airplane estern Soundscape Archive:It sounds like I have Pop Rocks in my lungs. Let's teach our babies how to hunt! Just got off work, M. Ward. sunroof, blue sky, beautiful morning. David Frum: Why Rush is Wrong. Sitting outside in the sunshine with the dog. Tr dinner date with work friends and birthday party with some and forth is fi UN Talks on Climate, Plans by US Raise Qualms  Summer! Rescue The Elephant ying to make fresh brewed raspberry iced tea with black tea + red raspberry herb tea. I can't keep buyi Yes. Skittle factory spontaneously combusts into a rock concert? Hare Krishna Festival Draws 15,000 Re-reading Camus before my tea! Raspberry even! Today ng it in the bottle. Too expensive. So Michael Steele is a fan of P. Diddy, but also Sinatra and the "Pack Rats". Oh, and he thinks the planet is cooling. Salazar defends ending oil industry tax breaks, higher royalties on fed Who doesn't? Anyone just love lettuce? It finally happened. I got pulled over for expired registration. Why does everything cost so much $$$? It seems the egg eral oil and gas. Tempted to walk around campus barefoot. Is that even allowed? The only way I'm going to get this paper written today is by reminding myself that spring break weather will be even warme but it's just hungry for some breakfast. Still not very comfortable I guess. Those be wrong. Oh! ... Now to study for that final...which is what'll sink r. I can wait. Did I get The fact that you see this as 'tying up' land shows how limited your un hits home for me. Really Energy Solutions? A 'Global Nuclear Renaissance'derstanding of anything outside of capitalism is. Reading Wallace Stegner's 1969 Wilderness Letter on Wilderness Society's website. Mmmm creamy tomato basil soup. How I love Flour Girls & Dough Boys. Disappointing myself so far this sebut that doesn't make up for it being 15 stinking degrees outside. I hate wint this weekend? No, no I didn't. Will I ever learn? Vincent Chin?" tonight in class."Gosh. Was it something he said?" Women's aversion to Limbaugh doesn't bode well for the GOP (Deseret News) But other than that, the show was incredible. I liked Will Dailey, and Josh never ceases to amaze. Can't wait for the new record!I don't understand how paying $10 to see a show is worth it if you're too wasted to care and just end up annoying everyone around you. JOSHUA JAMES is playing tonight Eesh. “We’re gonna need a bigger boat”. I fear that President Obama's first term could be eaten by...   and I have nowhere to be. Headed to lunch then down to Provo. Then maybe to a park to read. ACK! I'm so EXCITED! I'll have to come up! I need some food. Still it ea taste it. Sitting at home chatting with my sis after a group fman as Lenny Bruce directed by Bob Fosse. seems especially hostile. I'm seeking refuge at Gurus I think is my ball & chain. Preventing I would be delighted if the rain hadn't turned into snow. Rain, sun, back about ne with me. Snow is for crazies deciding whether or not to go to Holi and/or Greg Laswell. Also, listening f Promises". Lincoln! I can't believe I forSecretary Salazar Upholds Delisting of Gray Wolves in Part of Yellowstone heroes. Preparing for tomorrow rom a Conservative Voice. (from Economistgot Lincoln. Happy uin is even watching the Oscars. Awkward.My mom got a Scoodle (Scottie-Poodle) to Tap Project Radio UVU library's new screens showing which computers are free are genius, but the screen just says "Need Computer?" Haha, yes. I NEED COMPUTER.  er.Saw a documentary called "Who Killed last nights performance of Mother Courage. It was much more fun to see with an audience behind me. Toilet Paper and Other Moral Choices - Soft Is Rough on Forests Enjoying the resonance of andrew bird in my brain. Incredible show. Now I'm totally exhausted but it was sooo worth it. Brilliant. Magical. I would rather go to breakfast and spend the day outside. Instead I'm headed to school. At least I have awesome classes.I think it's time for some salsa fresca. Can't believe how did that time go? The internet sucked it away into outer space.If I were Angie I'd be a little creeped out too!  I can't stop thinking about the documentary I saw last nigh? My professor is holding class on Blackboard from Bolivia. gorgeous today has are some pretty funny tricks my body has been playing on me all night. Hilarious, really.Who says I can't write a killer 10 page paper in one night? They'd been. Blue sky, choice clouds, crisp mountains, shimmering even smells like Spring mester. Hoping to be better, but all I can think about is summer. Too much of a good thing I guess.The full moon looks really beautiful this morning,  outside! Would you rather 10,000 NPO's have to shut their doors and us loose tens of thousands of jobs?  The Hives t. It's called ": Foucault in Anthropology, Bongo on Sexuality in Beat Generation, and Halfbreed in Race & Minority Relations. Going through photos from Thinking I need to find myself a boyfriend. One that feels the same way about live music as I do. Or, you know, just a friend. The Reality Behind "Clean Coal"puppy yesterday. I'm obsessed with him Coffee. Just heard that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has